Surrey Hills Physiotherapy: Workshops & Retreats


Creating times in the week, whether it is an hour’s class, a 2-hour weekend workshop or the luxury of a longer retreat day, not only helps us to refocus, rather more, it supports our efforts to maintain our equilibrium.

The potent combination of movement, mindful awareness, and engagement with active relaxation, helps us to maintain a sense of balance in mind & body and strengthens our connections with others on a similar journey.  The Barn is a special place for relaxation and therapeutic movement, whether you are joining us on Zoom or managing to come to a studio class or workshop, everyone is united in their appreciation of the sense of calm and ‘good vibes’ which radiate form the space here.

We hope therefore, that you will be as excited as we are, to have a look below at the details of our new autumn & winter schedule of yoga workshops and our new courses and retreat days on offer next year.

Our Saturday afternoon workshop schedule:

09 Oct 21: Recharge & Restore
16 Oct 21: Yoga for better sleep
23 Oct 21: Yin & Tonic
06 Nov 21: Refining our Vinyasa Practice & Asking Why? With Adam Husler
13 Nov 21: Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra
20 Nov 21: Build Resilience with Yoga
27 Nov 21: Yoga & Spinal Health
11 Dec 21: The Architecture of Arm Balances and Inversions with Adam Husler

My Space with Helen & Guests (A Quarterly Retreat Experience). ‘My Space’ will on 22 Jan, 07 May, 24 Sep and 10 Dec - a chance to reconnect mind & body with the changing seasons, a mini retreat, an opportunity to find balance in different life stages, explore different resources and to share with others. The retreat day will run from 11am till 4pm with brunch at the Denbies Vineyard Hotel. For further information or to book a space on the day, please let us know. Here’s a link to the January Retreat Day.

From January, we offer two Mindfulness courses led by Claire Garthwaite with Diana Thornton. Claire is a former GP, and Diana is a therapist, and both have been teaching mindfulness courses for many years.

Mindfulness for pain / long term conditions course will run from January to March on a Wednesday afternoon, followed by our Mindful self-compassion course running from April to June, also on a Wednesday afternoon. Please see our website for further details.

Our team are happy to help if you need further information and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes,

Helen and the SHP Team