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Connecting businesses and their customers is the raison d'etre of The Surrey Circle and a strong brand platform is pivitol to this. Gladstone Design has been honoured to be the long-standing design partner of YLLBB and has managed the design of their pages, client adverts, digital and their evolution into The Surrey Circle.  

Lisa and Ali started their business, YLLBB in 2019 and have built a thriving community of local businesses and buyers. Our work with them from the start has involved designing the paper copy of YLLBB including bespoke adverts for their clients and ensuring a seamless flow of information style from page to page in an eye-pleasing way. Flicking through each distinct edition of the book you can see the diversity and range of offerings/ services/ shops/ businesses - a rainbow of what is on offer locally. Beautiful. 

The new branding platform for Surrey Circle needed to show the expansion of the business and the new, improved offering. We came up with our final design through a process best described as a creative cauldron! Into this we put the existing brand, the aspirations going forward, the knowledge of the client and buyer base, the demographic of the locality, the values of the current brand and the ideas and views of Lisa and Ali. The distilled result was the new branding platform for The Surrey Circle, including brand guidelines for ensured consistency throughout all touch-points for print and online.

The brand and logo are a snap-shot of a business, its character and offering in a nut shell. It is so important to get this right in order to build recognised visibility and turn a word-of-mouth lead into a business relationship.  

We are Gladstone Design. A small, nimble, local and successful design agency, bringing the benefits of large agency experience twinned with personal accountability and good value. We launch new brands, refresh existing ones and ensure consistency over various touchpoints for a diverse range of businesses, largely based in Surrey. So many businesses, in different sectors, showing vastly different character have trusted Gladstone Design and we would love to invite you to visit our testimonial pages to see the breadth of our design ideas and how they open a conversation. 

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