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Hello & welcome to The Surrey Circle!

We’re Lisa and Ali, two mums living and working in Surrey. Back in 2019, when our journey began, our vision was to establish a printed directory to focus on local businesses. Your Local Little Black Book is what started it all: a directory of local shops and services delivered free to over 31,500 homes. Over the last two years, and six editions later, we’ve seen our client base increase dramatically and we have evolved into a multimedia community hub for the whole of Surrey.

Cards on the table, we love to browse. Well, who doesn’t? Whether we’re shopping online or searching for a local lifesaver to solve an urgent business or domestic crisis, online is the first place we look these days. And we thought, rather than browsing the big brands all the time, wouldn’t it be great if we could see what was on offer from our local shops and businesses in just the same way?

That’s why we’ve launched The Surrey Circle – to connect local businesses with local people.

Whether you need a locksmith or somebody to cut your locks, this is the place to look. And if, like us, you’ve got a business that you want to shout about, we can help you with that too.

Lisa and Ali from The Surrey Circle
Lisa and Ali from The Surrey Circle

From plumbers to plum pudding, it’s all in the Business Hub

Surrey is full of fantastic businesses but finding them can often be tricky. Not any more! The Surrey Circle Business Hub is our directory of local businesses, designed to help you find the service you need in seconds. Just click on the category you want and see who’s doing what.

If you can't make it to your favourite shops in person, you can still buy local through the Shopping Hub.
We're always open!

Do you love to browse? Well, now you can browse the shelves of Surrey from the comfort of your favourite chair. The Surrey Circle Shopping Hub is a sumptuous selection of curated products currently on offer from the boutiques and stores in your local area.

The Surrey Circle Shopping Hub
RLM Local Surrey Locksmiths
Meal Planning Stationery Gift box
Ink & Spoon
Liberty Easter Egg Decorations
Starting from £5.00 (purchase via Instagram)
Little Lady Chops
Cornish Peanut Butter for Dogs
Happy Paws & Claws

Your Local Marketing Solution

Even in today’s global marketplace, businesses rely heavily on their local customer base, but engaging them can be a challenge. We help to solve this problem by providing a suite of marketing services to local businesses, making it easy to promote your products and services directly to your most immediate customers and beyond.

Take an ad in the printed Local Black Book, be a featured business in our Online Directory, sell products through our Shopping Hub or get expert help with your Social Media. For full marketing support save time and money by signing up for all four and let us take care of everything.

We have your business marketing covered full circle!


Local Black Book is what started it all: a stylish, quality print directory of shops and services delivered free to over 31,500 homes in your local area, twice a year.


List your business in our Business Hub or feature your products in our Shopping Hub and we’ll drive traffic your way, helping you to land more local customers.


With over 4,000 followers, our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn platforms can help you reach a wider audience very quickly. Choose from our range of packages.


The Loop is our regular e-newsletter, mailed to a big list of Surrey residents every month. Use it to promote your offers and share your news with local customers.

Why we love local

There are many good reasons for buying and selling within your local community. When local businesses thrive, buyers have more choice, customer relations flourish, cash flows back into the community and new investment is encouraged into the area.

Goods and people don’t have to travel so far, which means less impact on the environment. And your town becomes a more vibrant place to live.

We love the sense of community where we live and adore the quirks and creativity that you discover when you explore your own back yard. That’s why we’ve chosen to focus on local businesses in Surrey. In fact, we’ve even narrowed our focus to specific areas.

Local stories from our Surrey Circle community

Share your business stories, news and views with our growing community of Surrey Circle members and friends.

Read or watch the news, and you will encounter a world that’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Glance at a stock market’s performance over the course of a few weeks, and what stands out is...
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