Society 237


Society 237 is a simple concept at heart. Our Pastry Chef lives in a small village in Surrey making couverture chocolate from beans acquired from farmers above fair trade price for an exclusive membership of 237 people.

These beans go through a lengthy process to create different chocolates each with different flavour notes and characteristics. These are then expertly paired with ganache, caramels, fruit compotes, and pralines to make filled chocolates called bonbons.

237 members will get four boxes in a year's subscription. Each seasonal box is based on a particular theme which will be inspired by interests and life experiences personal to Faraz. The box is completely recyclable and will contain five beautifully designed bonbons each influenced by the particular theme of that season.

Members will find an illustration drawn specifically for that seasonal box, a small description about the theme, and finally each box will be signed and allocated a number within 237.

What sets us apart from others has to be that Society 237 is limited to just 237 members per year. Faraz wanted to set up a business where he could personally ensure he was creating the perfect chocolates from sourcing the beans to filling the boxes and everything in between. 

Heavily influenced by his time working under renowned pastry chef Claude Lamarche at The Arts Club in Mayfair, he went on to work at a series of five-star hotels and Michelin star restaurants. These included some of Londons most iconic establishments such as Hakkasan, The Langham and The Lanesborough.

Faraz later ran the pastry departments at Michelin starred restaurants Gravetye Manor in East Sussex and Sorrel set in the Surrey hills.

Faraz's passion for chocolate, perfectionism and sustainability inspired him to open Society 237 but why 237? Faraz grew up with his grandfather, an astronomer, telling him that if man can travel 237,000 miles to the moon nothing is impossible. 

You can sign up for a membership online at or follow @society.237 on Instagram.