Let your values guide your business in 3 simple steps


I love the topic of values. It’s absolutely one of my favourite Discovery exercises to do with clients and often one of the very first things we will do together. When you know your values you have the freedom to live life and run your business on your terms. Here’s why...

Understanding who we are

Now this might sound like a simple ask, but do you know who you are and what your business stands for? With spare time often limited it can be tricky to find a moment to stop and consider this. However, when we do find a peaceful moment to do so, the question of ‘what’s truly important to me and my business’ can be harder to answer than you would imagine.

Whether you are an individual or a small business (or even a large corporation come to that) the way you allow your brilliance to shine through, create meaningful connections and relationships, and have a life filled with joy and success is by being clear on who you are, what you bring to the world and what you purpose is.

Who you are is the very essence of you, or your company. It is your values, your core beliefs.

Our values are our internal compass

I like to think of values as our very own internal compass that guides us through life. My values include: connection, authenticity, freedom, curiosity, honesty and integrity. And they flow through into the values I have embedded in my business too. When I’m living my values, I’m happy.

Our values guide our purpose, our reason for being, the impact we want to have in our lifetime. It’s the brand we build, the vision that people connect with. Our values guide the connection we want to have, the people we want to spend time with, who we feel good around, a ‘tribe’ we feel a part of.

When we know our values and our why, we can come from a place of true authenticity. We can be ‘real’. We have the map to what makes us happy. We can let go of any fear we may have been holding on to that has limited us in living our lives to the full. We can be true to what’s important to us and build a life and a business that reflects that.

Discovering your values is key to your happiness

A simple way to discover your own values is to do this exercise:

  1. Think of a few key events or situations that have occurred over the past 5-10 years. The good and the challenging.
  2. Focus on those that made you feel happy, truly joyful. Then feel into those moments that didn’t.
  3. Exactly how did you feel in each of those positive situations? Can you find common themes? Did you feel adventurous, was it a loving family time, were you being creative, did you feel free, was your ambition being rewarded, were you being courageous? In those harder moments, what was missing for you? Did you feel lonely, disconnected, limited, afraid?

The positive words that you feel the strongest about are your values. Your guiding light. Those words that indicate harder times, be consciously aware of when these come up for you in your life. It is critical you to show yourself compassion and take aligned action that allows yourself to move towards what lights you up.

So what are your values and are you stepping in to them today?

Let them shine through and embrace your wonderful uniqueness. The world needs you to be you!

Stacy x

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