Hunkering down for Winter


Winter is in the air.

Those wonderful fresh and bright days a welcome respite from their more populous mizzly siblings. However, darker stretches can trigger darker thoughts and many of us feel the impact of life without light. It is more important than ever then, that we venture out when the sun appears. Making time to walk and spend time outdoors can seem less intuitive in the winter months, but getting that dose of vitamin D and taking a deep breath of all nature has to offer is proven therapy for the winter blues. It is true that bad weather is transformed with good clothes – investing in a robust waterproof coat and some stout boots is life changing for those of us that pound the trails in all weather. There is, of course, nothing quite like that feeling of stepping into a warm café following a bracing walk, draping your sodden coat over the chair and wrapping your hands around a warm cup of coffee, bliss.

If you are someone who longs for the sun and finds it tough to keep your chin up even in the glow of Christmas’ all-consuming presence, then make sure you put a few simple things in place. Consider supplementation to boost depleted Vitamin D levels, invest in a daylight lamp to use in the morning to get that serotonin and melatonin up and running, plan time into your diary to get outside during daylight hours and move your body. For many though, Winter is full of joy. A chance to give in to your natural urge to hibernate, to toss some cosy blankets on the sofa, dig out those favourite soup recipes and throw on that forgiving jumper that hides a winter layer or two… As the leaves depart and our natural world seems strangely empty, we benefit from nights in with friends, time spent planning our exploits for when the days lengthen, and reminiscing on the year gone by. Baubles, bells and fairy lights step in brighten those dreary days, and we prepare to celebrate in whatever way we have come to know. And when that frost comes and your breath hangs dreamlike in the cold, wrap up and step out, you won’t regret it.

Kate is a Professional Coach and Culture Consultant working in The Surrey Hills, to find out more visit @airheadcoaching or