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There are many factors at play when it comes to managing home utilities. From a usage stand point to the increase in unit rates, standing days rates, and variable or fixed rate term agreements. The whole thing is mind boggling. You open that email or letter with your recent bill for gas and electric and eyes widen, followed by a head bowed face palm. You then receive an update from your broadband supplier telling you that the the cost of this will be rising 9%, and if that wasn’t enough the mobile tariff you have been on “is now changing”, and with four active mobiles in the house you are talking another increase on the monthly outgoings. It’s a lot from a practical and emotional point of view! 

This is where you discover two different kinds of people in the world. One might start to figure out how they can possibly be using that amount of energy and google “energy saving tips” in the hope that someone has a new idea that will cut usage in half. They jump on comparison websites and end up more confused .com and really ok for the meerkat cuddly toy incentive. The ironic thing at this time is that comparison websites have very little to compare as many companies aren’t signing up new customers and the comparison on fixed rate tariffs are pretty horrific. Ugh, enough of that though. 

The other type of person buries their head in the sand and avoids dealing with their bills for as long as possible. The problem is now though, no matter what you do, the 54% increase in energy has swooped in, and inflation has also increased a solid 7% too. And well, don’t even talk to me about the projected October increase. Friend, the cost of living has risen, and I really get that it’s hard to know which way to turn.

I’m Sally and I run Current Utilities. I started my business in my bedroom a couple of years ago (hello lockdown circa 2020) and have worked for myself gaining AQA qualifications in the energy market alongside growing a team and gaining much wisdom from a community network of support. I am a partner with Utility Warehouse for residential energy and I am also a premier introducer with Full Power for commercial energy. Did you know that there is no price cap on commercial energy!? I know, nightmare. The good news is though that you can turn to me as a resource for navigating the current energy crisis and general increase across most business utilities and home services. Good news: the commercial energy market is currently the most stable it has been in seven months.

As a trained Health Coach I often find that these skills come into there own too as many are managing the stress around bills on top of just every day living. Just having someone to chat it all through with is hugely reassuring and empowering. I review your utility bills in person, on the phone, or can simply do this from an email. Once I have run your figures through the system I can then explain the savings and set you up one account for all your home utilities including energy, broadband, home phone, and mobiles. One account, one bill, one call! Bringing clarity and simplicity to many of your outgoings.

With all this being said another empowering aspect of my work is to encourage people to make changes in their everyday lives when it comes to energy security and usage in the home. Finding ways to decrease the amount of energy your home is using will of course have a knock on effect when it comes to your bills. So in closing, here are the Current Utilities timely tips on how to save and simplify your residential outgoings. 

Get savvy with the new habits and understanding your bills 
Knowledge is power but more importantly making proverbial eye contact with your outgoings will empower you to not only make changes but also just generally inform you of the bigger picture. We have to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable with some of these things. Speak to someone who can give you simple information on how to read your energy bill and review your estimated annual usage etc.

Fancy a cuppa
Yep, my nan has been telling me this one for years. Only boil the amount of water you need for the cups of tea you are making. Also, during the summer why not choose more meals that don’t involve using the oven? This will not only keep the house cool in the summer but also just help you save on energy costs. The other option might be to food prep as much as possible and cook some basic things you will need for the week ahead and fire up that BBQ too! 

Use a sausage dog and close your windows
Ok, they aren’t really sausage dogs, although some look like them, I am talking about the humble draft excluder. These certainly help in the winter and while we are transitioning to Spring. As the summer kicks in keep your windows closed and blinds or curtains closed when you aren’t home. This will keep things nice and cool and save on using an a/c unit or fan too much.

All hung out to dry
When it comes to water usage it is worth switching to washing your clothes on a cooler setting in the summer especially and using a washing line or clothes horse to dry your washing too. As long as you treat stains you will get a great result from a cooler wash and will also use less energy for the wash itself. Also, can I get an amen for that fresh outdoor smell on clothes dried outside! 

Boiler, boiler, boiler
The three things you want to ask about your boiler are. How old is it? When was the last time you had it serviced? What temperature do you have it set to?
As your boiler isn’t used as heavily in the summer months this is the ideal time to get a service and review the above questions. A new boiler could also save you a chunk of change when it comes to overall efficiency and just decreasing the temperature settings by a few degrees will have a knock on effect on cost. And talking of settings you also will want to turn that thermostat up and then off as the days get warmer.


Your utilities don’t need to be an uphill battle and I am here to help.
Follow me Sally, on Instagram @currentutilities or visit It’s time to get informed and empowered when it comes to saving and simplifying your home, and business, utilities.