Shore and Pine | A personal discovery of fashion industry wastage


Shore and Pine was born from a personal discovery of fashion industry wastage.

Beginning with founder Saz’s time at college and university, her realisation surrounding fabric waste peaked when dressmaking at a professional level. Saz’s small business was generating sackfuls of excess materials through bespoke clothing and alteration offcuts. 

“If this was from a one-person business, it’s scary to think about the scale of waste from even just one High Street clothing giant.” Saz Fenn, Shore and Pine founder.

In 2014 the average consumer bought 60% more clothing than in the year 2000, and kept it for half the time. This now means one rubbish truck full of clothing is being burned or sent to landfill every second! Like Saz, you are probably thinking this is a horrendous statistic, and it is. We all need to start looking at how we buy, wear and treat clothes, and make sure we are not blinding adding to these statistics, and slowly choking our planet with textile waste.

As a global community we now waste 82,782,000,000 kilos of clothing every year, that’s enough to fill Sydney Harbour. Every year. Shore and Pine aims to bring to light how wasteful the industry is and to help to change how people view their clothing. Everyone is trying to cut out plastic waste, now it is time to cut fashion waste.

Our brand mission is to not only reduce the demand for new fabrics being created; but minimise the fashion industry’s overall impact on the planet by resetting the way we look at perfectly beautiful ‘wasted’ clothing and materials from a fresh perspective. Using up textile waste that already exists without adding to it.

Shore and Pine pieces are lovingly constructed from unwanted fabrics, offcuts, second-hand or recycled textiles and clothing; with some fastenings and components added to complete some items.

As a happy side effect, no two creations are exactly the same. Every piece tells its own story. So when buying from Shore and Pine, not only will you be directly affecting the environment for good, by not buying brand new, but you will own something completely one of a kind.

Our concern at Shore and Pine does not simply stop at fabric use. We do as much as we can to keep our own footprint on the environment small and wherever possible use biodegradable, recycled or re-appropriated materials.

It's time to change what we buy, and we are here to show you that you don't have to compromise on style to care about our planet.