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Financial Coaching for Women

Empoering you to be Financially Secure

Do you feel like Money Matters are over your head? They're not.

I coach women like you to understand their emotions behind money and take control of their finances.

It’s easy to leave the ‘money stuff’ to someone else, but that starts to unravel when you face challenges such as sudden job loss, running a business or saving for your kid’s education. To be fully in control of life you’ve got to know where your money stands. And guess what? There is nothing stopping you from having that power!

I believe all women can be financially secure and independent... ...and I’ll help build your confidence to get you there.

“I went into coaching with Anne expecting to better manage my money over time and to make more strategic financial decisions for me and for my business. I have come out of the coaching with a deep understanding of all of my inherited patterns about money, an appreciation for some of my attitudes that have been holding me back and proactive steps to move some of those attitudes out of my way. I now manage my money with greater awareness and I am finally able to budget effectively.

Anne’s style is warm and welcoming, so I was able to build trust quickly allowing me to spot my behaviours and build awareness from the first session.

I would highly recommend Anne’s coaching not only to women who want to know more about their financial options but to women who want to do things differently – thank you Anne!”

Rachel, Executive Coach, Facilitator and Speaker

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